1. Maximize the value contribution of the Port to the productive chains to assist in the economic and social development of their area of influence.

  2. Increase profitability (economic and social) with growth.

  3. Optimize Costs.

  4. Develop productive investments.

  5. Maximize revenue.

  6. To be recognized as the best option to link production chains with business opportunities.

  7. Diversify products and services.

  8. Get new customers / users.

  9. Improve, innovate and systematize processes according to the needs of customers / users.

  10. Improve the availability of infrastructure according to new requirements.

  11. Ensure compliance with operational productivity indexes of the port terminals.

  12. Ensure strategic coherence of investments.

  13. Attract private investment.

  14. Improve coordination among stakeholders, to strengthen the port community.

  15. Improving the processes of market research.

  16. Promote the integration of services in multimodal transport chains.

  17. Link up the port-city development.

  18. Promote a culture of health, safety, security and environment conservation.

  19. Develop knowledge and key skills.

  20. Have information systems that enable efficient and reliable port development.

  21. To orient key stakeholders in the strategy and cultural change.

  22. Ensure that the team is committed and motivated by management system.